Alcohol and Dieting: 5 Tips to Drink without the Weight Gain

Dieting is a very tough job when you’re trying to avoid everything that can give the slightest chance of weight gain such as alcoholic drinks. But if you’re a fan of alcohol, then there is a possibility that you can have it while on a diet. Here are five tips for you to drink alcohol without gaining weight.

1. Have a high-protein meal

Protein is a macronutrient and has a thermic impact of sustenance (TEF) of 20 to 30 percent, which implies that 20 to 30 percent of the calories in protein are utilized when the body’s preparing it. So, a protein-rich supper before drinking will control blood alcohol levels. How is this done? Well, protein is successful in diminishing the assimilation rate and expanding the end rate of alcohol. High-protein dinners can invigorate the liver and defer gastric purging, decreasing alcohol entering the circulatory system to under 40 percent. This implies that a decent supper can cut the potential harm of alcohol in gaining weight.

2. Drink water before, during and after

To avoid weight gain, you can drink water with each glass of alcohol. This can help to balance and keep an after effect. Alcohol is a diuretic, which implies it will make you dehydrate. On the off chance that you drink a lot of water before drinking alcohol, this will shield you from feeling parched and remind you to drink alcohol slowly.

3. Try out potato vodka

Using potatoes offers significant benefits over grain-based production.

If you want to keep drinking alcohol during your diet, you may want to opt for low-calorie potato vodkas such as Nero Vodka, Chopin Vodka or Luksusowa Vodka. Compared to standard grain-based vodkas, drinking these will reduce the chance of gaining weight. You can easily pair them with any flavour, from sweet to savoury and dry to spicy to enjoy your drink. This is a great way to have alcohol while on a diet.

Potato vodka tips for 2019

If you’re planning to go down the potato vodka road, here are a few purchase suggestions:

Nero Vodka

  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Cost: $$

Nero Vodka tasting notes:

  • Nose: Lasting aromas of wild garden flowers and hints of vanilla with fragrant tones of citrus.
  • Palate: Very smooth with its own identity; notable sweetness with lots of minerality
  • Mouth feel: Very creamy and silky with lots of depth
  • Finish: Rich; warm and lingering with a touch of vanilla taste

Chopin Vodka

  • Origin: Krzesk-Majatek, Poland
  • Cost: $$$

Chopin Vodka tasting notes:

  • Nose: Mashed potato; mushroom; toasted nuts; anise; white pepper
  • Palate: Assertive character; a touch of sweetness up front followed by white pepper spice; vegetal hints of green bell pepper
  • Mouth feel: Soft, rich and velvety with notable acidity
  • Finish: A lasting and long finish, ending with a touch of bitter almond and slate


Origin: Norway

Cost: $$$$

Christiania Vodka tasting notes:

  • Nose: Bright citrus of grapefruit and lemon leading to green apple and melon; herbal notes of thyme and lemon verbena
  • Palate: Musty and earthy featuring potato and vegetal notes of green bell pepper; sweet coca and just a touch of minerality
  • Mouth feel: Silky; round and creamy; cools nicely, leaving a pleasant waxy sensation with medium acidity
  • Finish: Medium with just of lingering memory of coca

4. Drink slowly

Another tip for you would be to drink alcoholic drinks gradually to balance everything. It takes no less than an hour for the liver to process a standard beverage. Drinking one drink of alcohol in less than an hour will lead the body moderate down its fat consuming capacity and progressively store fat in the body.

Drinking alcohol EVERY single day of your life unleashes destruction on your digestion and puts a strain on your liver. A few people think they can manage their week by week 1-2 everyday drink allowance and move those 7-14 beverages to the end of the week.

Just FYI: If you were to have four drinks only once a week you’d pack on an extra 10 pounds of muscle to fat ratio every year. Control implies drinking 1-2 mixed refreshments two times each week. Have a couple of beverages on Friday and Saturday and let your liver rest during the weekdays.

5. Have simpler drinks

You also need to cut back on mixed drinks and blended beverages. Sweet beverages pack on more calories and the sugar they contain will make you hungry. Drink white wine, champagne, or clear mixers. Clear mixed refreshments are lower in congeners; a substance made during the maturation procedure that contains a few synthetics your body doesn’t care for. (Your liver needs to go on overdrive to utilise them, so it can’t concentrate on consuming nourishment or fat.) Avoid adding soft drinks like cola to your beverage to avoid gaining weight.

Make sure to consider these tips to avoid gaining weight while having alcohol. The best way would be to have low-calorie drinks or avoid mixed drinks rather than refraining from drinking altogether or measuring the amount you take in.

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